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Welcome to RA Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. We are a therapist-owned, one-stop clinic with providers who specialize in various forms of conservative treatments. Centrally located to serve residents of the Beverly Hills, Century City, Hollywood and the West Los Angeles areas, our goal is to get you back to playing, running, dancing and simply moving pain-free.

Our physical therapists are certified, trained and experienced in specific and effective treatment techniques for rehabilitating all sports-specific injuries, orthopedic disorders, chronic pain, and neurological disorders such as stroke and Parkinson's disease. We provide cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, balance training, fall prevention training and vestibular rehabilitation. We also instruct classes for osteoporosis and arthritis management and living.

Specialty Treatments

  • Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Joint Mobilization, Neuromuscular Reeducation, Therapeutic and Postural Exercise, Functional Movement Training, Gait Training, Balance Training, Modalities.


Other Services

  • Chiropractic Services
  • Personal and Pilates Training
  • Massage Therapy
  • Group Exercise for Balance

Proper Sitting and Standing Posture


Improper posture can create many types of back pain. The spine has three natural curves: one in the neck, one in the mid back, and one in the low back. It is important to maintain these curves so the body stays "stacked up" properly.


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Herniated Disc Management


Disc bulge, commonly referred to as herniated nucleus pulposas (HNP) is a condition that relates to the spine. HNP can be caused by immediate trauma or injury (sports injury, auto accidents, etc.), as well as long-term trauma such as improper posture.

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